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Enjoy the high points of the Norman coast, visit Arromanches’ D-day museum, memorial for the 6th of June 1944, built on the remains of the “Winston Churchill” artificial harbour . Discover the archives of the famous Battle for Normandy “Overlord” in Arromanches’ 360° movie theatre and share the life of the men who made D-day unforgettable.

Arromanches’ 360° Movie theatre

The 360 ° Circular Cinema shows you original archive images of the 100 days of Normandy, from Canadian, American, German, English and French funds for 20 minutes.


Arromanches 360
Chemin du Calvaire
14117 Arromanches les Bains


Tel : 02 31 06 06 45
Fax : 02 31 06 01 66


À 10 mn from the hotel

Arromanches’ D-day Museum

This thematic museum, located opposite the remains of the port, offers guided tours and 2 audiovisuals relating the events of the night from June 5 to 6 and the construction of the artificial port.


Place du 6 Juin
14117 Arromanches


02 31 22 34 31


The Omaha Beach golf course, located in the middle of the D-Day landing beaches, offers two 18-hole courses: the Sea and the Manor.


Tennis 50 m from the hotel
2 covered courses
6 clay courts
Direct booking on 02 31 22 34 40

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